To Managers of the Racing-Teams participating in WGP Motegi GP in Sept.2005

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Motegi is around the corner,
'First Come, First Served'
as our manpower is limited.
Customer's voice
One of our customers, Mr.Kino Contreras, a manager of BQR Racing Team, had ever told us they had experienced various difficulties besides competition; for example, struggling with typical Japanese shop men, wasted 4 hours just to get a spray can of oil-based paint. Don't repeat Mr.Kinos memory and win in your competition at Motegi.
BQR Racing Team
Team Manager, Kino Contreras
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Tatsuya Yuki
Mr.J.Ishihara,our representative partner of Stone Field, had participated in the Japan Championship Racing till 2003 as a rider of motorcycles, and have enough knowledge of the racing teams' requirements. Our staff can communicate with you in English to help you in any duties to devote yourselves to your racing competition itself.
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